Photo of Maria Attersee - preview for full 3D panorama
Photo of Maria Attersee
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Title: Maria Attersee

Type: church

Height: 477m

Country: Austria

State province: Salzburg

Churches: Wallfahrtskirche Maria Attersee

Bathing places: Attersee Bäder

Camping sites: Grabner

Passenger transportations: Attersee Schiffahrt

Tourist infos: Steinbach, Gemeinde Steinbach, Unterach, Gemeinde Unterach, Gemeinde Nussdorf, Nussdorf, Gemeinde Attersee, Ferienregion Attersee

Position: Google maps.

Date: 01.11.2015, 11:15

Season: autumn

Sites visible from "Maria Attersee": Großer Schoberstein, Brennerin, Leonsberg, Mahdlgupf